Employee List

John Wagner          President                                      E-mail: john@ccwagner.com

Rick Eklin Contractor and Commercial Sales         E-mail: rick@ccwagner.com

Hutton Wagner  Contractor and Commericial Sales            E-mail: hutton@ccwagner.com

Mike Vithoulkas  Hardware store Manager            E-mail:  mike@ccwagner.com

General Contact Information                                       E-mail info@ccwagner.com

Sean Kangas      Commericial and Contractor Sales         E-mail: sean@ccwagner.com

Wayne Olbrot         Contractor Sales                            E-mail: wayne@ccwagner.com

Pete Kupscuk     Contractor Sales                                E-mail: pete@ccwagner.com

Accounting Department                                               E-mail office@ccwagner.com

Jack Zieczewski  Contractor Sales                                E-mail: jack@ccwagner.com